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About Us, Contact Information & Membership Information

Three Rivers Bird Dog Club is a non-profit group of approximately 100 members, most of whom reside in Southeastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon. Membership is open to all Pointing Dog fanciers. We are always interested in new members, and we invite you to join us at our annual events and training seminars. Whether you own a Pointing Dog or not; from pet owners, to serious competitors, everyone is welcome to join our club.

We have a wonderful group of individuals who love, enjoy and compete in all disciplines and aspects with their pointing dogs. Centered in Kennewick, WA, Benton County, our club offers field trials, hunting tests, and social events, where we can enjoy each other’s company and take pleasure in our dogs. We are a cohesive group that takes pride in our reputation for friendliness and hospitality.

Types of Events


We hold training days, educational workshops and seminars, team hunts, field trials licensed by NSTRA and AKC Hunt Tests. Our calendar is updated regularly with upcoming events and social gatherings. 

Contact Information


You can contact any of the listed Officers by clicking the club email with any questions or concerns:

President: Jeff Minch

Secretary: Brian Santos

Treasurer: Stephen Nelson

Membership Director: Brian Santos

Payment Address: 1488 Oxford Ave. Richland, Wa. 99352

Physical Location: Christenson Farms

Meeting Location: TBD post Covid.


When applying for membership to the TRBDC, an applicant must agree to abide by the club’s Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Ethics plus the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club. The members shall further signify and express their intentions of being an active or inactive member by participation in training days, team hunts, field trials, hunt tests, membership meetings, work parties and committees as needed to keep the club operable. In addition, an applicant must submit an application for membership and pay the appropriate dues. The TRBDC’s year runs from February 1st thru January 31st. Dues for the following year can be paid to the treasurer starting in January. A membership is terminated by non-payment of dues by the membership meeting in April and the application process must be repeated. A household membership is open to one or two adults residing in the same household, as well as any children under the age of 18 residing in the same household. Dues are $50.00 annually.

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